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Quality remind

      Modern decoration, a variety of new materials increasingly diversification, but the furniture, flooring, doors, wardrobe, cabinets and other still needs a large number of use plate. The product quality, environmental protection level, still largely depends on the sheet material to be used as the basis of quality.

      Sheet press materials for solid wood board and artificial board, various types of sheet metal itself has an advantage each. Wherein, pure wood, especially high-grade wood is undoubtedly more by consumers. But the scarcity of resources, decision of Limited wood can not meet the high demand. With the progress of science and technology, all kinds of artificial board performance index to continuously upgrade, is used more and more widely used in life. Artificial board not only in performance and price compared with traditional material advantages, but also to some extent alleviated the shortage of wood resources. Artificial board is divided into many kinds, because the artificial board is made by wood broke the reorganization, so the structure of more uniform, small swelling and shrinkage, easy processing, can be processed according to the needs of large format plate, is the production of different specifications, style furniture better raw materials. Manufactured goods need not be dried again, can be used directly, and sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also very good. While avoiding the decadent, insects and other problems.

      For wood products purchasing, experts do not recommend consumers purchase price is too expensive. Otherwise, the material is not standard, it is easy to buy" poison" furniture, impact on family health. Show according to concerning data, residential formaldehyde mainly comes from various types of sheet metal and paint and other decorative materials.

      According to the" interior decoration decoration materials of wood based panels and finishing products formaldehyde emission limit" ( the people's Republic of China national standard 18580-2001) in regulation, plywood, wood core board formaldehyde releases a quantity≤ 1.5mg/L E1 standard,5.0mg/L is not more than E2 standard. National standard two use E1 standard" are directly used for indoor", E2 standards must be facing" deal with the rear allows for indoor".

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